Ocean Drywall’s safety goal is to achieve zero loss through values, beliefs and compliance with the highest occupational health and safety standards. Safe construction operations are the result of careful attention to planning, training, and personal responsibility. All employees shall and must work diligently to execute ODI standards in occupational health and safety.

The prevention of all work-related loss shall be given precedence over productivity. Prevention of loss shall be practiced by all personnel at all times. Only work methods that prevent, minimize, or control loss shall be used. Loss refers to any personal injury, damage to equipment, material, structures, re-works, defects, delays, mistakes and waste.

Our health and safety program is developed to comply with Federal, State and Local regulations. In order to assure compliance, all employees are responsible for the knowledge, implementation and practice of these standards.

A safe construction project is continually organized, clean and efficient. This is the most critical aspect of all ODI construction projects. The importance of accident and loss prevention needs to be communicated on a daily basis to all construction personnel.

Accident and loss prevention is more than a message; it is a culture that you create for others, ultimately, this culture creates higher employee morale, higher productivity, and lower operational costs.

Safety Awards & Employee Recognition

ABC of Virginia

(Safety Training Evaluation Process)

  • 2009 Gold Level Award
  • 2010 Platinum Level Award
  • 2011 Gold Level Award
  • 2012 Platinum Level Award
  • 2013 Platinum Level Award
  • 2014 Platinum Level Award
  • 2015 Platinum Level Award
  • 2016 Diamond Level Award

National Safety Excellence Award

  • 2010 Paragon Award
  • 2011 Paragon Award
  • 2015 Paragon Award


Safety Award

  • 2006 Award
  • 2007 Award
  • 2009 Award
  • 2010 Award
  • 2011 Award

Since inception of the Safety Program, Ocean Drywall has experienced zero loss days from accident or injury, and holds a current MOD rate of 0.73.